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Our first blog post – Why choose Feelwells?

Why choose Feelwells?

We thought it might be a good idea to start our blog by telling you a little more about Feelwells, who we are, what we do and what we believe in…

Who are we?

We are a small family business based in beautiful North Yorkshire.  We are dedicated to providing your dog with healthy, natural, hypo-allergenic, tasty & nutritious food and treats using the very best ingredients

We have held our Ethical Accreditation for 12 years and we are very proud of this, the auditing process is extensive and examines not only our products but also our ingredients, our relationships with our customers and suppliers, our stance on animal testing and environmental issues.  Only the top 20% of any market sector gain Ethical Accreditation

Team Feelwells

The most important members of our team are our dogs, our four Border Terriers. They are the reason for and the inspiration behind our business, everything we do is based on what we would want for them and of course they have the envious task of helping to develop and taste teste all our new products


Lola is the reason that Feelwells exists.  When we got her as a puppy she was very ill and we were so worried about her.  She was sick every time she ate so she was underweight, she had very thin and patchy fur, worms and ear mites but she still had that indomitable terrier spirit even though she was so young and tiny.  We managed to find a natural, healthy food and we fed her plenty of probiotics but the probiotics had to be kept in the fridge, measured out, hidden in her food etc.

What we couldn’t find were any treats that were not full of artificial stuff so we decided to make our own healthy dog treat with a probiotic.  Simple – put some good stuff in a treat so it is easy to feed and the dog will enjoy it

Feelwells was born and all the products that we make are based on what we want for our dogs or what our customers have asked us for.


Alfie is a lovely, gentle old soul.  As well as working as a Feelwells Dog he is also a Therapy Dog for a charity called Wag & Co.  He regularly visits a care home to spend time with the residents, many of whom are elderly and have dementia/Alzheimer’s.  His role is as a Friendship Dog involves spending time with anyone that wants to see him, sitting close by for a stroke, jumping on their lap for a cuddle or performing a few tricks to make them smile


Naughty but nice Hudson is Lola & Alfie’s son.  Anyone who has been to our stands at outdoor shows will have met lovely Hudson doing his bit as brand ambassador with Simon


Little Dodger is a rescue dog that we got from Gumtree and he is now the cover star of our brochure .  He is quite simply adorable.

Simon Mayne

Simon has worked in the pet trade for more years than we can remember and knows everything there is to know.  His experience and insight is what drives our strategy and new product development, he always has an idea.

Helen Mayne

Helen does the paperwork , answers the phone and generally keeps things running so she is the person you are most likely to deal with if you contact our office.

Feelwells Values

We have several red lines at Feelwells, these are things that are so important to us that we will never change them

No artificial colours, flavours or preservatives

No wheat or wheat gluten

No sugar or salt

No soya or GM ingredients

Clear & honest ingredient listings

Fixed formulation products

Always made in the UK or the EU – never made in China

We are dog owners too and we wouldn’t feed your dog anything that we wouldn’t feed to our own.  We care about what we do and how we do it.  We care about our customers and so many of them have become personal friends

We love what we do and we are always trying to do it better.  We always welcome suggestions and feedback so please let us know what you think.

Team Feelwells

Helen, Simon, Lola, Alfie, Hudson & Dodger

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