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Durable Dog Toys

Stockists of West Paw dog toys

We stock the extremely durable West Paw dog toys which are suitable for activities including chewing, tugging and fletching. Browse our range online.

From Bozeman, Montana, USA, West Paw is all about dogs. They proudly call themselves “dog’s best friends” and create the best, toughest, and eco-friendliest pet stuff around. Their handmade dog toys are super durable and made just right for your furry pals—whether they walk on two legs or four.

But it’s not just dogs that West Paw cares about. They’re big on people and the planet too. Their materials are eco-friendly, and they’re all about being nice to everyone. Plus, they’ve got this cool program called “Join the Loop” where they recycle old toys into brand new ones. Got an old Zogoflex toy? Send it back, and they’ll turn it into a new one.

Give your furry buddy the best—get them some handmade toys from West Paw, available at Feelwells!

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