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Trainers Club

Here at Feelwells we are passionate about dog training, we do agility, obedience, scentwork and mantrailing with our own dogs and we have developed our range of training treats based on we want from a training treat. We believe in positive reinforcement and we do not approve or condone any form of rough handling, aversives, prong or shock collars.

We have found that the best way to maximise the benefit of these treats is to give them out free to your clients in their first class, that way they can all use them in class and then you can also buy some at Trade Prices to sell on in classes so it provides you with a second income stream. In fact, as a memer of our Trainers Club you have access to all our products at Trade Pricing so can sell any number of products that we sell.

Some members only give these treats out in a goody bag at the end but we feel that this is missing an opportunity for you and us and the dogs!

Feelwells Trainers Club

Is open to all members of the following training organisations: Trainers Club - Feelwells

  • ABTC
  • IMDT
  • APBC
  • Into Dogs
  • APDT
  • PPG
  • The Pet Gundog
  • APGI
  • Dog Training College
  • Mantrailing UK
  • ISCP

We supply you with Trainers Club - Feelwells

Training Packs are £20 +vat each and a Training Pack contains:-

50 Packs of Training Treats

50 Feelwells Leaflets

50 Vouchers to allow your clients to get 10% off their first order from our online shop

Free Feelwells Carriers Bags are also available if required

Please note, the concept behind these Training Packs is that they are given out in the first class, not the last one.  

If you give these out in the first class to all your new clients:-

  • Everyone is using the same treats
  • Everyone is using treats that are free from any artificial colours flavours, preservatives etc so the puppy will not be getting hyper as the class goes on
  • You get the opportunity to talk about treats – how to choose them, how to use them etc
  • You can use these to start a new income stream  You can buy these Training Treats at trade, so you can have some available in each class to sell to anyone who has forgotten their treats, wants to try a different flavour or has brought something that may be unsuitable or isn’t working for their dog.
  • At the last class, you can give them the voucher that gets them 10% off the treats on our website so they buy from you while they are being trained by you and then can either continue to buy from you or from us.

This way the puppy gets a healthy, natural, tasty treat,  the client gets something free which they can use there and then and you get a calmer class and the opportunity to earn some extra income,  Everybody wins.  We have had lots of feedback from trainers saying that using the treats only in the goodie bags at the end of the course doesn’t make the best use of the treats or the opportunity

Please note – the treats provided in the Trainers Pack are only to be given away FOC

PLUS, you can buy all the products that we sell at Trade Prices

Benefits of joining our Training Pack Scheme

  • The puppy or dog gets some tasty, healthy treats
  • The owner has a suitable treat for the training class
  • Excellent opportunity to talk about nutrition, hierarchy of treats etc…
  • You can purchase all our products at special trade prices if you choose to sell on
  • We will promote your training school on our website and FB page , 

Trainers Club Application Form

If you would like to join the Feelwells Trainers Club please either email us at info@feelwells.co.uk or complete the form below

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