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Feelwells Frequently Asked Questions

Welcome to our Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) page. Here we hope you will find some answers to many of your questions:

Traditional chemical wormers kill all worms but they can have side effects on your dog. Our natural wormer, (Intestinal Hygiene Control) works by altering the state of the gut slightly so the worms dont grow very big and are constantly expelled so it offers a continuous, gentle protection. The dogs digestive system is not upset.

Dosage is 1 ml (1 pippette) per month, either applied directly into the mouth or onto food. If your dog is very small, very large or is still a puppy the dosage changes slightly – all details are on the site.

Our Intestinal Hygiene Control covers the full spectrum of worms including lungworm.

We would recommend using the Probiotic Puppy Treats as your everyday treats – your puppy needs to eat a certain amount of these every day to gain the benefit of the probiotic and you can feed them from 6 weeks so can use them as soon as you get your puppy home.

Once your puppy starts to go out on walks or to training classes, you need something different and higher value (this is called the Hierarchy of Treats). This is why we developed our Training Treats – small, soft, tasty and smelly – designed for use in training to help keep your dogs focus and attention and worth working for! Feelwells Training Treats are used by hundreds of professional dog trainers every day

For really high value training treats we would recommend chopping up some of the 100% Meat Treats into small pieces – Venison, Beef or Chicken Strips, Beef Liver, Beef Heart and Beef Lung are perfect as “Bingo” Treats – use sparingly for a massive reward.

Two of the Feelwells Dogs also have an intolerance to Chicken and we have lots of food and treats available that do not contain Chicken.
Each product shows all the ingredients and analysis, we list all the ingredients that we use and we dont add anything in that is not declared.
We operate to a fixed formulation which means that all our products are made to the same recipe every time so you can be confident that your dog is getting the same every time – very important if your dog has any form of allergy or intolerance.

Our Grain Free food is produced in the traditional manner and is cooked at a temperature similar to the temperature you would use to cook food at home.
Cold Pressed food is produced by mixing the ingredients together with a little water and then putting it under pressure for a short time at a low temperature creating a pellet. This means that the food is a lot less processed and is very nutrient dense. It is a popular option for raw fed dogs on the days when they cant have raw and is suitable for all dogs.

Grain Free is usually recommended for dogs with food allergies or intolerances as it doesn’t contain any grains which can aggrevate a dog’s gut. Grain Free is a great healthy option for all dogs, all the Feelwells Dogs eat Grain Free Food.

We have a whole range of Grain Free products and they are all in one section to make finding them easy

All our products are preserved either using Vitamin E & Rosemary or they are air dried. We never use any artificial preservatives, colours, flavourings, salt, sugar, soya or GM ingredients.

All our products are made in the UK or EU, we do not sell any products made in China, India or Brazil. We have full traceability on all our products and very high QC standards.

It is preferable to feed probiotics every day, as prevention is better than cure.

However, probiotics can also help to re-set the bacterial balance, which may have been affected due to stress, illness, anti-biotics etc. In this case we would recommend feeding for a minimum of two weeks to achieve the correct balance and then continuing to feed to maintain the improvement.

Yes, Feelwell’s products are all totally natural and probiotics can be fed to all dogs, however, if your dog has an allergy to any of the ingredients listed then we would not recommend feeding these treats.

Feelwell’s use salmon oil as its main source of Omega 6 & 3 essential fatty acids as these can help to keep the heart healthy and also can help to aid skin and coat condition.

Often, both good and bad bacteria are affected by anti-biotics and therefore giving Feelwell’s Probiotic Treats to your dog regularly will encourage the balance in favour of good bacteria.

Yes, probiotics can help with the problem as good bacteria helps to reduce flatulence. They can also help to produce smaller, firmer stools as the digestive system takes more of the nutrients out of the food and therefore less waste is produced.

However, it is also important to feed good quality, natural, complete dry foods, preferably with pre-biotics.

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