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Training Treats

Train Smarter with Feelwells’ Training Treats

At Feelwells, we understand the importance of effective training, which is why we’ve crafted specialised dog training treats. Our small, semi-moist treats, available in Liver, Cheesy, or Grain-Free options, are specifically developed to aid in your training sessions.

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Why Choose Feelwells’ Dog Training Treats?

Our training treats offer unique advantages:

Perfect for Training

Our treats are sized perfectly for training sessions, allowing for quick, easy rewards to reinforce positive behaviour in your furry friend.

Variety of Flavours

Choose from our range of flavours—Liver, Cheesy, or Grain-Free—to keep training sessions interesting and enjoyable for your dog.

Small & Semi-Moist

Designed to be easily breakable and non-greasy, these treats are convenient to handle and won’t crumble in your pockets during training.

Expert Training Made Enjoyable

Choose Feelwells’ Dog Training Treats to enhance your training sessions and strengthen the bond with your canine companion.

Achieve Training Success

Elevate your training routines with Feelwells’ specialised treats—designed to make training both effective and enjoyable for you and your dog.

How are training treats different from regular dog treats?

Training treats are specifically designed for training sessions, usually smaller in size, easily breakable, and have a strong aroma to swiftly reinforce positive behaviour.

Are Feelwells' training treats suitable for all breeds and sizes?

Yes, our training treats are formulated to cater to various breeds and sizes, ensuring versatility for different dogs' training needs.

How many training treats can I give my dog during a training session?

Offer small portions to prevent overfeeding. Quantity depends on the duration and intensity of the training session, adjusting as needed.

Can I use different flavours of training treats for the same training session?

Yes, alternating between flavours can keep training exciting and engaging for your dog, enhancing motivation during different sessions.

Are semi-moist treats more effective for training purposes?

Semi-moist treats are easily chewable and often more palatable, making them convenient and effective for quick rewards during training.

Do training treats have any specific benefits besides aiding in training?

Yes, besides reinforcing desired behaviours, training treats can help establish positive associations with training and enhance the bond between you and your dog.

Can I break Feelwells' training treats into smaller pieces?

Absolutely! Our treats are easily breakable, allowing you to control portion sizes and adjust as needed during training.

How should I store Feelwells' training treats?

Store in a cool, dry place to maintain freshness. Reseal the packaging after use to preserve the treats' quality and aroma.

Can I use Feelwells' training treats for puppies?

Yes, our training treats are suitable for puppies. Adjust the treat size to match their smaller mouths and dietary needs, making training sessions enjoyable for them too.

Can training treats be used for behaviour modification?

Yes, training treats can be effective for behaviour modification by rewarding and reinforcing desired behaviours in your dog.

Are Feelwells' training treats recommended for sensitive dogs with allergies?

Feelwells' training treats offer hypoallergenic options like Grain-Free variants, catering to dogs with sensitivities. Always check ingredients if your dog has specific allergies.

How often should I use training treats for best results?

Incorporate training treats regularly to reinforce positive behaviour, but balance with praise and other rewards to maintain motivation and prevent dependency solely on treats.

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