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Making the Switch to Natural Healthcare

Making the Switch to Natural Flea & Worm Treatments

Here is our step by step guide on making the switch from pharmaceutical to natural flea and worm treatments and keeping your dog (or cat) protected while you’re about it.

It is perfectly possible to move away from pharmaceutical parasite control and keep your dog safe from fleas, ticks, mites and worms by using well established supplements added to food and doing a regular worm egg count.

Why do dog owners switch?

In most cases we’ve found that pet owners are looking to make the switch for one of three reasons:
1. Their dog has had a poor reaction to a spot-on treatment in the past
2. They’re finding that some pharmaceutical treatments are no longer as effective as they once were (especially Frontline, according to my vet)
3. Or they simply prefer the natural route to keeping their pets free of parasite

That’s me! How do I get started?

It’s dead simple. To maintain continuous protection, simply give your dog their last conventional flea and worming treatment and start on the natural products at the same time. This way, once the Advocate, Drontal, Advantage, Milbamax or whatever has worn off the new products will have taken over. Because our products are food supplements, they take time to build up in the system, hence the need for an overlap. Neither product will interfere with the other.

What products do I need?

Only two, Billy No Mates for fleas, ticks and mites and Feelwells Intestinal Hygiene Control for worms.

How do they work?

Herbal treatments predate pharmaceutical treatments, which have only been around since the 1930’s, whereas herbs have been used to repel parasites since forever.

Feelwells Intestinal Hygiene Control works by making the gut an unattractive environment for internal parasites so that they just pass through the system and out the other end. Billy No Mates works in much the same way except the effects are released through the skin, hence their flea, tick and mite repelling power.

Billy No Mates contains a blend of mint, seaweed, fenugreek, neem and lemon balm. Neem is the active and powerful repellent, proven in much peer reviewed research and thousands of years of use. The other ingredients help soothe the gut which in turn shores up the immune system. A parasite will always go for the weakest host, so the healthier your dog is the less attractive they are to them.
Feelwells Intestinal Hygiene Control has a homeopathic element added to Filix-mas, Cina, Ferrum-met, Sulphur, Abrotanium, Teucrium-mar as well as the herbs Hibiscus, Thyme, Ginger Root, Cloves, Natural salts and Organic Bitter Apple.

A gentle preparation tolerated by even the most sensitive animals. Feelwells Intestinal Hygiene Control will not adversely affect your pet’s protective gut flora. Rather it will create subtle changes within the gut unattractive to worms. Any worm eggs that enter the gut will be gently ushered out before they can do any harm.

What if my dog already has worms?

Initially, give Feelwells Intestinal Hygiene Control every day for 10 days, then every week for a month and once a month from then on.

Worm egg counting

We also recommend doing a worm egg count and a lungworm test up to four times a year. To be honest it’s worth getting done whichever way you choose to treat your dog. A worm egg count will give you a good snapshot of the worm egg burden your dog is currently carrying. It is an excellent and, cost effective way to keep eye on your dog’s gut health.

You get a kit in the post, collect a sample, post it back to the lab and the test results will be emailed to you in a few days.

A note about lungworm

Both products work well on any lungworm eggs entering the gut via the mouth, but they won’t work if lungworm eggs have already left your dog’s gut and entered the bloodstream. The best way to find out if your dog has a lungworm infection is to do a lungworm test as mentioned above, or see your vet.

Wormcount Kits

Whether you worm conventionally, naturally or not at all, its a good idea to regularly test the worm burden of your dog to make sure they’re getting the protection they need

We have two types of Wormcount Kits

Kit 1 – Toxocara, tapeworm, whipworm, hookworm and giardia (not lungworm or heartworm)

Kit 2 – Heartworm & Lungworm

These kits are really very easy to use, everything you need is in the kit, you send it off in the envelope provided and the results will be sent to you via email within a few days. You can get your Wormcount Kits here


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