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Postbiotic Natural Gut Health Supplement 150g Subscription

From: £14.25 every 3 months

Does your dog suffer with a grumbly tummy, soft poo or smelly wind – we can help!

Postbiotics are the most effective way to boost & support your dog’s gut & immune health

96% Duck – highly palatable so easy to feed – no pills or powders to hide

Cold Pressed – easily digested

Grain & Gluten Free

Feed as a treat or sprinkle onto food

Introductory price £15, saving £5



Postbiotic Natural Gut Health Supplement 150g Subscription



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Our Postbiotic Natural Gut Health Supplement is the most effective way to boost and support your dog’s gut and immune health

Does your dog suffer from

Grumbly tummy?

Soft or runny poo?

Bad Breath?

Smelly wind?

Food intolerances or allergies?

If so, our Postbiotic Gut Health Supplement can help….

We use Postbiotics as they have all the benefits of probiotics but they are in a stable format so they are not affected by manufacture, storage or transit to the gut.

  • 96% Duck – highly palatable & easy to feed – no pills or powders
  • Cold Pressed – easily digested
  • Can be fed as a treat or sprinkled onto food
  • Grain & Gluten Free
  • No artificial colours, flavours or preservatives
  • Contains Lactobacillus Helveticus
  • Suitable for all dogs and especially those with a senstive digestion and skin issues
  • Gentle and effective
  • Suitable for all dogs from 8 weeks of age
  • Made in the UK

Introductory Price is £15, saving 25% off full price

We have been running a trial and below are some of the comments that we have received so far:

We love these! They have helped the gargly tummy & the flatulence and his poo is now a much better consistency

Since starting on the supplement, we have only had one instance of a noisy belly, and no days of not eating!
Tilly has always been a sick little dog, normally throws up stomach acid once or twice a week. But hasn’t had a single episode since being on the supplement!
He prefers it to the Four Leaf Rover Protect. It’s easier to give. He really likes them and he’s much happier on them.
He likes the taste, it is easy to feed and seems to be helping his tummy.
Brody absolutely loves these . We’ve noticed quite a big improvement in the itching, it hasn’t stopped but there is a remarkable change.. Also noticed he has a little more energy than before too.
It is a well tolerated product for both my dogs, I have used other ‘gut boosting’ products and these have upset my dogs stomach, so I will be continuing with the product over a longer period to see how they get on. Thank you
Dog likes them very much. I get shouted at when I go into the room with them in
This continues to impress me! I had no idea that postbiotics were even ‘dog-friendly’ so to discover that they are AND that they are so effective on canine gut health is a revelation
Only been using it since Monday as I didn’t receive it until then. Definitely an improvement in the poo, much firmer.
I have found that if Jeff is reluctant to eat, I can give him a couple of pellets, and he seems to realise he is in fact hungry, and eats his meal. This has helped reduce his noisy belly episodes and stops him progressing to vomiting


Feeding Guide

Small Dog – up to 14 kg – 1 Teaspoon per Day

Medium Dogs – 15 – 30kg – 1.5 Teaspoons per Day

Large Dogs – 30Kg + 2 Teaspoons per Day

150g bag will last approx 1 month for a dog up to 15kg

Can bed fed as a treat or sprinkled onto food

Store in a cool dry place

Ingredients Analysis

Billing Period

1 Month, 6 Weeks, 2 Months, 3 Months

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