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Feelwells Intestinal Tincture & Billy No Mates


To maintain continuous protection, you need an overlap. Give your dog their last conventional flea and worming treatment and start on the natural products at the same time. This way, once they’ve worn off the new natural products will have taken over. This is because our products are food supplements, they take time to build up in the system, hence the need for an overlap. Neither product will interfere with the other. If you have never treated your pet conventionally before or do so sporadically, just follow the same instructions.

Billy No Mates Dry mix – feed daily:

  • Toy breeds 1/4 scoop
  • Small dogs 1/2 scoop
  • Medium dogs 1 scoop
  • Large dogs 2 scoops

Wet tincture – feed daily:

1ml per 10kg bodyweight, e.g. a 50kg dog needs 5ml per day. For dogs under 10kg feed 1ml per day.
  • Suitable for puppies and kittens from 16 weeks
  • The iodine content of the seaweed is 523mg per kg
  • For dogs that have just given birth, wait until puppies are fully weaned before restarting
Note: Because Billy No Mates works by building up in the system over 6 weeks it won’t clear a current infestation. After 6 weeks it will give continuous protection against fleas, ticks and mites. Treat a current infestation as normal using a vet recommended treatment.

Feelwells Intestinal Tincture

Administer using the pipette supplied, directly into the mouth, or by mixing with food, drink or treats.
  • Dogs, bitches in whelp, cats in kitten – 1ml per month
  • Puppies 0.5ml every 2 weeks from 2 – 8 weeks and then 1ml per month
  • Poultry, cats and rabbits – 0.5ml per month
  • Kittens (3-6 months) – 0.25ml per month
  • Horses – 25ml per month
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