Trainers Club

Trainers Club Application

Here at Feelwells we are passionate about dog training, we do agility, obedience and scentwork with our own dogs and we have developed our range of training treats based on we want from a training treat. We believe in positive reinforcement and we do not approve or condone any form of rough handling, aversives, prong or shock collars.

Feelwells Trainers Club

Is open to all members of the following training organisations:

  • ABTC
  • IMDT
  • APBC
  • Into Dogs
  • APDT
  • PPG

We supply you with

Training Packs for each new client, each Training Pack consists of:

  • Bag of Training Treats
  • Money off voucher
  • Carrier Bag

Benefits of joining our Training Pack Scheme

  • The puppy or dog gets some tasty, healthy treats
  • The owner has a suitable treat for the training class
  • Excellent opportunity to talk about nutrition, hierarchy of treats etc…
  • You can purchase all our products at special trade prices if you choose to sell on
  • We will promote your training school on our website and FB page

Trainers Club Application Form
If you would like to join the Feelwells Trainers Club please either email us at info@feelwells.co.uk or complete the form below